If you take a stroll down memory lane, what were your business IT needs like 20 years ago?

Certainly the days of CRT monitors, Windows 2000 and only half of the computer users having access to the internet, are far behind us. 

EMPR understands this evolution of IT technology, after starting operations in 1998 as a spare parts company and growing into a solutions-based advice centre for SMEs in 2018.

We celebrate 20 years of servicing the IT needs of SMB in 2018, a journey that has seen EMPR grow from a two-man spare parts operation to a solutions-based multinational firm that provides guidance on all forms of IT evolution to small and medium enterprises.  

The history of EMPR

The company started life with a team of just two, trading as Parallel Solutions & Distribution.

In the early days, Parallel was a services company working closely with key local players and multinational brands by building customised solutions for services and repair of computer and server parts.

As the IT industry evolved, Parallel became focused on sourcing current and hard-to-find parts and products for large companies like Digital, Compaq, Fujitsu, NCR, Siemens, and Getronics.

Continuously expanding, the company grew to launch one of the first online marketplaces where businesses could source replacement parts. Expansion went across the ditch to New Zealand to service the South Pacific market.

One of the earliest partnerships EMPR forged was with Hewlett-Packard (HP), one of the world’s largest IT companies. Then, when HP split into two companies —  HPI and HPE — EMPR was awarded a parts agreement with both organisations after being HP’s top performing parts distributor in the entire ASIA region for 10 consecutive years.

Over the coming years, Parallel forged partnerships with Toshiba (as their sole distributor for ANZ), a parts agreement with ASUS Australia, Lexmark (as a distributor) and Lenovo (under a parts agreement). To set its eyes on a new approach, the company renamed to EMPR Group.

The success of EMPR has seen many years of triple and double-digit growth. This includes the continued expansion of sales and distribution facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne, allowing for better service for customers and business partners.

The difference between EMPR and competitors

EMPR Chief Commercial Officer Bryce McIntosh started in a sales position with the company in 2000 and has worked his way up through senior positions since. He says that EMPR’s customised tools, systems, process, people, sales channels, development teams, inventory investments and ecommerce solutions have allowed them to become experts in the parts industry and improve their operations year on year.

“Our speed and ability to build and execute customised solutions for both our customers and partners is another major strength along with our 4 strategically placed locations within the South Pacific,” he says.

Moving into solutions for SMEs

EMPR Head of Enterprise Walter Olson says one of the common queries they have from customers purchasing parts over the years is for assistance on new digital products.

With cloud-based computing offering new ways to store, share and network data, many SMEs still feel they were not getting enough information on how these new services can benefit them.

“There has been a lot of hype in the Australian business community about moving to the cloud, but a lot of customers don’t understand the pitfalls,” Olson says.

“Since 90-95 percent of people are behind notebooks, PCs or something to do with technology we were encouraged to provide the right solutions to customers.”

Olson says traditional IT retail outfits previously lacked the knowledge to assist SMEs, while many other solutions-orientated services were geared towards the major corporations and organisations. He says EMPR wanted to fill the hole in the market by providing solid advice to SMEs with head counts under 250 staff.

“These small to medium companies don’t have the time to make decisions on development and do all of the research — they can’t be a master of all trades,” he says.

The future for EMPR

Olson says EMPR will continue to refine their offerings in the Australian and New Zealand markets to be able to provide solutions-based assistance for new technologies as they are released and embraced.

“The IT industry is an ever-changing landscape,” he says. “The number of new technologies coming up, startups are constantly occurring, it’s an exciting time.

We can navigate the ever-changing landscape on behalf of our customers and provide them with the expert knowledge to ensure that the technology being utilised is the best fit for our customers business objectives.

Get a free assessment or learn how our inhouse experts can help optimise your workplace with custom tailored solutions on 1300 289 867(AU) or 0508 278 769 (NZ). Alternatively, connect with us on solutions@emprgroup.com.

–  Josh Alston

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