Disaster Recovery – Are you ready?

A natural disaster can be devastating for business, especially if it means downtime or the loss of critical information. In Australia and New Zealand, we are subject to a raft of natural disasters that include cyclones, earthquakes, fires and severe storms and flooding.

These disasters can deal out heavy damage to business premises and the server and IT technology housed within. How would you respond if a natural disaster impacted you? How long would you be out of business for? And would some—or all—of your data be lost forever?

Natural disasters that have impacted Australia and New Zealand recently

Natural disasters cost Australians $18.2 billion each year in recovery efforts, a Deloitte Economics report has revealed.

In New Zealand, they cost insurance companies $115 million in 2015.

In 2018 alone, Australia has seen Tropical Cyclone Nora impact Queensland with destructive wind and flooding, the Potters Hill bushfire in the ACT, large storm cells and flooding in Tasmania, Tropical Cyclone Marcus in the Northern Territory, Tropical Cyclone Kelvin in Western Australia and a range of bushfires in New South Wales.

Earthquakes are an omnipresent danger in New Zealand with a magnitude 5.2 earthquake recorded 945 km from Tauranga, New Zealand on July 17, 2018.

Are your systems properly backed up?

If one of these disasters were to impact your business’ region, would your data and systems be safe?

There are many hardware drive backup solutions available to get you back online if your primary servers and storage centres were to be damaged and destroyed.

EMPR Solutions has many available products, including HPE’s Nimble Storage which is based on a partnership with Veeam Software. This combines hardware and software into one data backup and disaster recovery solution.

How cloud storage can have you back online within hours

The modern—and most effective—backup option is to move your data and system out of in-house server rooms and into the cloud.

This technology uses remote servers (far away from the danger of natural disasters and not isolated to a single location) that mean your data and systems are safe no matter what happens to your physical premises.

This has been a popular take-up in Australia, with the number of businesses moving their systems and data into the cloud rising from 19 percent to almost one-third in the space of just 12 months.

This solution is often cheaper as well because you don’t have the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining the physical IT architecture at your premises.

For more information on how to setup backup solutions or move your data and systems into the cloud, contact EMPR Solutions today on 1300 289 867 (AU), 0508 278 769 (NZ) or email us today.

-Josh Alston

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