10 reasons for cloud computing for small business

Cloud services are a massive industry with forecasts showing that Australians will spend $4.6 billion this year alone.

There are numerous reasons why so many small businesses are looking to the cloud for their data and system storage. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider making the switch today. 

  1. Reduction of costs

There are enormous cost benefits to be had by moving to the cloud. Expensive server rooms, including cooling and security systems, become a thing of the past—as does the expensive task of upgrading and maintaining hardware.

  1. Backup and disaster recovery

Should disaster strike, like a fire, flood or earthquake, for which Australia and New Zealand are known, is your data secured? By keeping your data in an off-premises server it remains secure even if your office building is in the firing line. In most instances this backup and disaster recovery is automatic.

  1. Risk reduction

Intrusion from hackers and cybercriminals is a real threat in the modern world. Storing your systems and data in the cloud provides strong security against such attacks. You can also use the cloud to wipe data from lost devices to prevent that data falling into the wrong hands.

  1. Access information anywhere

Almost 70 percent of Australian employees spend at least one day working remotely each week. Small business can provide greater flexibility by allowing workers access to systems and data from anywhere in the world.

  1. Greater document control

The days of emailing documents back and forth are gone. Using the cloud, multiple users can access the same document at the same time, which means no more complicated email trails with multiple versions of the same document.

  1. Easier collaboration

The cloud means employees can collaborate on any project, using any system from anywhere in the world. Meetings can be instant and everyone can be in different locations.

  1. Improve efficiencies

Hardware costs being removed are just the beginning of the efficiencies moving to the cloud can offer. Electricity costs will become lower, IT services are included and you only need to pay for the data you require.

  1. Become simple, and outpace your competition

This is a real weapon for small businesses that are in competition with larger corporations. Adopting cloud-based applications means they can act faster, change dynamically and outpace the bigger companies to gain a competitive advantage.

  1. Updates are automatic

Software updates are a critical part of system maintenance as well as your hardware. With your data sitting off-premises on another server, these updates are automatic so you don’t have to worry about it.

  1. Better scalability

If your IT needs an increase, it is simple to upgrade your cloud services. If you find your package is too much for your operations, it is just as simple to scale down as well.

To learn more about cloud computing and the advantages it has for your business, contact the team at EMPR Solutions at 1300 289 867 (AU), 0508 278 769 (NZ) or email us

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