Does your SMB know its IT future?

Planning for the future can be tricky, especially when it comes to predicting technology trends and new IT products that don’t even exist yet.

To stay ahead of the competition, it is crucial for SMBs to have an IT plan to ensure future needs are met and to stay ahead of the competition.

That doesn’t necessarily mean budgeting to have the latest and greatest hardware and software, as there are many aspects of your IT plan that need to be met.

Only 34 per cent of businesses plan their IT infrastructure beyond one year, so planning ahead can put you in a strong position while others play catch up down the track.

Here are some of areas of focus that should be in your IT future plan.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Recruiting, managing, developing and optimising your HR department involves de-humanising your workforce, to a degree. While this may sound cold and sterile, it is really about efficiencies by treating staff as assets that can invested in – or removed to improve the system as a whole.

HCM software is a core cog of your future planning as this will cover off on all employee data, talent and workforce management and even service delivery through intranet portals, chat programs and employee self-service.

Cost Management

This is the planning and controlling of the budget of a business. It is critical that your IT spending is included here and extended into the future to allow for the purchase of new technologies.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

This is a broad term that can cover off risk planning for short term goals and long term strategy. The important aspect of an ERM in terms of IT planning is dangers, hazards and other potentials for disaster to your SMB. What is your disaster recovery plan? What would happen if your data was to be lost? Do you have a plan to stop hackers accessing this data?

Technology Management

As previously mentioned, crystal ball gazing cannot predict the next big tidal wave in IT. But, like a good meteorologist, strong research can lead you to strong predictions for the future. It is important to forecast what technology is around the corner to be able to make plans to invest in it early.

It is also important to put a roadmap together for your technology needs in the future. By identifying your predicted growth and projects for the future you can predict the IT services that will be required to service your SMB’s needs.

Hardware and software management

At the heart of your IT planning is the hardware and software that will power your SMB and the vendor that will supply it. EMPR is not only the leading provider of computer parts in Australia, but a service and solutions company that can assist you with your planning and architecture.

Want assistance in putting together your IT future plan? Our in-house experts can help optimise your workplace with custom tailored solutions. 


– Josh Alston

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