Which digital solutions are right for your SMB?

Technology is everywhere in the modern age, including small business where it is vital to stay updated to remain competitive.

But what solutions should you adopt? There is plenty to consider, including cloud solutions, network services, end user devices and many other digital devices.

Slow technology means slow productivity, but you don’t want to over-spend on technology either.

EMPR Solutions Head of Solutions – ANZ Walter Olson is here to help you with a guide to the best tech solutions for your SMB.

Why technology has become an integral part of small business

Technology has become vital in small business because there is now a customer expectation that a positive experience will be delivered on every single occasion, Walter said.

“The impact of technology in our daily lives increases the expectations that we, as consumers, have when dealing with organisations,” he said.

“It doesn’t matters if you are a multinational, or a small business with two employees, the consumer experience is key.”

To that extent, businesses that do not embrace technological change become exposed and lose competitive advantage in a saturated market, Walter said.

“Sadly, many businesses that decide not to invest in their technology needs end up going out of business, no matter how intelligent, driven and focused these businesses may be.”

The velocity in which technology is changing, and the offerings that are available in the market regarding technological advances is “breathtaking”, Walter said, but it does offer key advantages to small business who are able to tap into the same solutions as their larger rivals.

Which technology options are right for you?

Walter provides his tips and rules for small business on which hardware they should be looking at, especially when on a tight budget:

Make sure your hardware is fit for purpose. Don’t purchase an SUV if what you need is a hatchback.

Have all your servers, storage, notebooks, desktops, and workstations patched with the latest updates.

How safe is your hardware from cyber attack? Ensure you have the right security solutions (which EMPR Solutions can assist with)

Make sure you have a capacity plan. What will you need in five years? Is what you are buying now going to work for you for that period? If not, why?

Do you have a business continuity plan if there was a critical issue?

Look at how you purchase your hardware. Can you procure through an operating expenditure (OPEX) model?

Have you engaged with a technology partner (like EMPR Solutions) to assist you with the above and be invested in your business outcomes?

How EMPR Solutions can assist

EMPR Solutions are at the forefront of assisting SMB’s in Australia and New Zealand to meet their business objectives through technology.

They navigate the ever-evolving technology and business landscape with industry leading solutions, from enterprise infrastructure to cloud based services.

Through our partnerships with global brands, we have unmatched experience in delivering holistic tailor-made solutions that allow our customers to achieve optimal return on their investments.

“At the core of EMPR Solutions are the amazing motivated and passionate professionals with a wealth of knowledge that are driven in understanding our customers’ vision, strategies, and business priorities to provide the best solutions for our customers,” Walter said.

“Our team has the ability to help customers understand how the solutions we propose shall benefit them today and in the future.”

EMPR Solutions can assist your SMB with custom tailored technology solutions on 1300 289 867. Alternatively, connect with us on solutions@emprgroup.com or visit solutions.emprgroup.com.au.

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