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How do I choose the right device for my remote worker?

Online job search provider Indeed revealed that 68 per cent of Australian businesses allow their employees to work remotely while more and more Aussie companies are starting with no intention of occupying a central officeTechnology has allowed many industries to become flexible and allow workers to operate from home, full-time or part-time, and also manage remote workers that can be spread over the country—or even the world. 

If you are looking to move to this business model, choosing the right devices for your remote workers is a major decision. Here are some of the things you should look for when choosing mobile devices, tablets or laptops for your remote team.

Brand is important for remote working

When choosing computers or tablets for mobile workers, you want to know they are going to be reliable.

Choosing the right brand helps secure this peace of mind. EMPR Solutions is an Authorised partner of global companies such as HP, Lenovo and Toshiba.

Not only are they proven brands in the industry, but parts are affordable and readily available in Australia.

Include spare batteries with the device

Part of being connected remotely means that the device the worker is using has to be available when called upon.

Phones, tablets and laptop computers all have excellent battery technology capable of lasting many hours in 2019—but they do become fallible over time.

Packing spare, charged batteries with the devices can ensure there is no unnecessary downtime.

A strong camera

Video conferencing is likely going to be an essential function for remote workers so you need to ensure the camera on the device is up to the task.

Test them out properly before purchasing to ensure the relay of video through conferencing is clear and without lag, while the audio is crystal clear as well.

The right software

Obviously, you will want to load up remote devices with company software that connects to the central network.

There are other, third-party software packages to consider as well including:

  • Slack: A cloud-based service that allows for real-time messaging, alerts, file-sharing and assigning tasks.
  • Dropbox or Google Drive: For sharing large documents and files that cannot be sent through email.
  • Microsoft Office: Workers should have access to the full Microsoft suite of applications for all business purposes.

Consider 5G connected devices

Whether you are looking at smartphones, tablets or other connected devices, you can prepare for the future by ensuring they are connected to the 5G network.

This is the fifth-generation mobile network to be rolled out in Australia which will be able to handle 20Gb per second downloads – a sharp improvement over the 4G network.

The rollout has already commenced and the technology is expected to become more mainstream in 2020, so pre-empting this rollout and choosing devices that connect to 5G can help set you up for the future.

 EMPR stocks a wide range of products perfectly suited for the modern remote worker from highly reputable brands including Dell, HP, HP Enterprise, Lenovo, Toshiba and Lexmark.

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