A-Z of HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

Earlier this year, Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, a new hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution built on ProLiant servers and Nimble storage arrays. Profoundly coined, it’s a solution that delivers the flexibility of converged with the simplicity of HCI.

But what does that entail exactly?

To help educate the market, EMPR Solutions have compiled an A-Z list of everything an organisation needs to know about dHCI. Enjoy!

A – Accelerate your time to market, end the firefighting, and optimise your business with an intelligent platform that’s designed for the unpredictable.

B – Busy VM administrators can take advantage of always-on app performance and data resilience for simple ease of management.

C – Capacity that you can scale independently and efficiently.

D – Disaggregated hyper-converged infrastructure provides you with the flexibility to scale storage and compute independently.

E – Efficiency is at its core. Efficiency to scale, efficiency to market, and efficiency in management.

F – Financing. At EMPR Solutions, we can offer financing wraps on a consumption based, as-a-Service model depending on your unique requirements.

G – Global intelligence at your fingertips courtesy of integration with HPE InfoSight.

H – Hyper-convergence delivers one computing infrastructure for virtual workloads, eliminating the need for silos and independent IT components.

I – Ideal for mission-critical data bases, data warehouses and unpredictable workloads all in one.

J – Jump into a reduced data centre footprint.

K – Kick-off a new initiative in no time at all with the ability to deploy a cloud platform for virtual machines in less than 12 minutes.

L – Leverage simpler and more efficient IT operations across the board.

M – Management that is simple, easy and ongoing through complete integration with vCentre.

N – Nimble storage arrays deliver self-managing flash storage for unparalleled data resiliency.

O – Operate in a manner that best aligns with your unique requirements, and scale transparently with multi-cloud workload mobility.

P – Platform that integrates seamlessly with any existing ProLiant servers you may have.

Q – Qualitative data at your fingertips thanks to a 21 times data reduction with efficiency built for any scale.

R – Rack-to-application deployment in a matter of minutes – 15 to be exact.

S – Six-nines (99.9999%) of measured availability to keep your applications running unchallenged.

T – TCO; Your total cost of ownership is significantly reduced through leveraging this platform in partnership with EMPR Solutions.

U – Unpredictable workloads become your friend with the flexibility to scale storage and compute independently of one another.

V – Visibility across your entire stack thanks to HPE InfoSight.

W – Work with peace of mind knowing 86 percent of support issues are resolved automatically.

X – X marks the spot for an efficient, scalable, intelligently simple solution.

Y – Your organisation can take the next step on your digital transformation journey and discover a new approach for a rock-solid foundation.

Z – Zero wasted resources.


HPE Nimble Storage dHCI accelerates your time to market, eliminates the endless firefighting, and optimises your organisation to handle the unpredictable. Have a chat with EMPR Solutions today to learn how dHCI could work for you, be the answer to simplifying your IT, and sort out your own A-Z list of requirements.  









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