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  • Most SMBs do not recognise the need for BC and DR strategies until it is too late

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Your business is dependent on its IT infrastructure to operate. Failure is no longer just an inconvenience, but a major impact on your ability to run your business and to deliver on promises to your customers. It is essential that business continuity is part of your IT strategy and you have the capability and plans in place to take any potential failure in your stride.

Technology has advanced considerably in this area, making it possible for businesses of any size to take steps to reduce business risk and ensure that they have an adequate “Plan B” in place. Virtualisation allows you to remove the dependency on any single piece of hardware, data replication solutions allow you to cost-effectively protect against data loss, and the cloud can ensure your ability to do business without tying you to a specific building.

Business continuity is no longer about being able to recover from a disaster – it is about ensuring your business is always running. Whether you suffer a power outage, a loss of connectivity, a hardware failure or a cyber-attack, your business must continue to operate.


Imagine what would happen if you suddenly lost access to all your business data and IT infrastructure, would you be prepared?

Our data protection and recovery specialists know how to keep your business afloat in the case of an IT catastrophe.
If a sudden disaster has left your business inoperable EMPR has the solution to ensure it never happens again with complete data disaster recovery and business continuity programs for Australia’s small and medium-sized businesses.


We protect your company’s information from loss due to hackers, theft, system failures, and unanticipated disasters through our data backup and recovery services. We work with you to determine the needs of your organization and find the best solution.


It’s not enough to have data recovery files at your facility – if your office was damaged or destroyed, your data backup files would be gone as well. With a copy securely off-site, your business can still access information even if your physical location is completely lost.

While this scenario might not be likely, there are other threats to the security of your information, network crashes and hackers, which could cause your productivity to come to a halt. Don’t risk it – get proper data protection for your business.

Without access to critical data, would you be able to make contact with customers and vendors and continue to operate your business? How long would your company survive?

Keeping your business-critical systems safe with data backup

The EMPR Solutions ensures data encryptions for back-up which is stored in certified data centers that adhere to GDPR standards. Simply choose the monthly cloud backups to suit your needs and budget.

Creating a business continuity plan

To identify and mitigate risks to ensure your business is back online as soon as possible.

Securing your key data against advanced threats, viruses, and malware

Cyber criminals are always ready to strike, but our security service helps keep your data safe. We’ll set up your organization’s security infrastructure in minutes while maintaining and updating it on an ongoing basis so your information is always protected.



A business continuity plan for continuous disaster tolerance will help minimize damage. Plan now and contact one of our experts today.

A business continuity plan for continuous disaster tolerance will help minimize damage. Plan now and contact one of our experts today.

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