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As a service provider of some of the world’s foremost brands, EMPR Solutions offers a complete portfolio of mission-critical servers that are engineered to deliver record-breaking performance, simplified management, and cost-saving efficiencies.

EMPR’s renowned datacentre and enterprise solutions ensure greater automation and responsiveness in the delivery of business services. Vendor systems are also designed to run leading operating and virtualisation platforms with greater performance and efficiency, serving as the basic building blocks for the implementation of cloud infrastructure.

Utilising best of breed hardware ensures resilience, interoperability and integration with leading cloud software providers.

Our state of the art configuration centre in locations across Australia and New Zealand has the ability to build any type of Information Technology solutions required for your business. From desktop towers to rack mount servers, custom laptops, back-up power, storage systems, monitors, printers, peripherals and more, EMPR Solutions is experienced and capable of meeting your most demanding needs.


The recent explosion in the amount of data in the workplace has led to constant innovation in data storage solutions. In order to manage these huge volumes of data, IT managers require sophisticated storage servers. In this category, you will find all of the technologies for storage management offered by EMPR Solutions. These can be individually configured, allowing you to create the optimal data storage solution for your company.

EMPR Solutions’ premier brands are leaders in providing the necessary hardware required to deal with all data including archiving, data backup & recovery, warehousing, replication, virtualisation, content management systems and specialised storage designed to deal with ‘big data’.

Why EMPR Server and Storage Solutions?

Technical Expertise

With years of experience in the server and storage industry and trained employees, we work with precision and excellence. You can rely on our technical experts to provide the best solution for your business.

In-house Configuration Centre

Our fully equipped in-house configuration centres across Australia and New Zealand allows us to create a custom server and storage solution based on your business needs.


At EMPR Solutions, you receive only high quality tested products. Every server is tested in our in-house configuration centre before they are shipped out. That lets us ensure your satisfaction.

Our Partnerships

We have the best in class partnerships in place ensuring you get the best brands available in the market.

Financing Options

We have the ability to change the conversation from capital expenditure to an operating expense.

Speed and Flexibility

The quickest deliveries and customised solutions – that’s what you get at EMPR Solutions. We can custom build servers to your needs and get them delivered in no time!



Our custom-built infrastructure solutions are tailored to your specific needs. Leave your problems in the hands of our in-house experts. Contact us now!

Our custom-built infrastructure solutions are tailored to your specific needs. Leave your problems in the hands of our in-house experts. Contact us now!

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